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Michael Soule

micael soule

Dr. Michael Soule 1936-2020

Michael Soulé, PhD. was Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz. He wrote and edited nine books on biology, conservation biology, and the social and policy context of conservation.

He published more than 170 articles on population and evolutionary biology, fluctuating asymmetry, population genetics, island biogeography, environmental studies, biodiversity policy, nature conservation, and ethics.

Michael was founder of the Society for Conservation Biology and The Wildlands Project and had been the president of both.

society for conservation biology
wildlands network

Michael spoke and wrote on morality, conservation, serves on the boards of several conservation organizations, including the Wildlands Network, and consults internationally on nature protection.

He was also co-chair of the Science Council for Australia's Wild Country Project.

continental conservation

Continental Conservation: Scientific Foundations of Regional Reserve Networks edited by Michael Soulé and John Terborgh.  Scientifically solid and highly readable, Continental Conservation is an anthology written by the top conservation biologists in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico explaining why conservation must be done on a continental scale.  Covers the need for big predators, the need for big wilderness areas and how to best design them, the importance of wildlife movement linkages, ecological and evolutionary processes of wildlife, flooding, and predation, and much more.  Soulé and Terborgh give a warmhearted, tough-minded call to save wild things and their wilderness homes.  Island Press/Wildlands Project, 1999, 227 pages, index, footnotes, illustrations.  Paperback, $29.Enter your text here...

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