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Nature Needs Half

Nature Needs Half is an international coalition of scientists, conservationists, nonprofits, and public officials defending nature at the scale she needs to continue to function for the benefit of all life. And we’ve got a global ground game in place that will protect 50% of the planet by 2050, turning the tide in favor of Earth’s life support systems and transforming society’s relationship with nature, one ecoregion and country at a time.

Our Purpose  — Protect 50% of the planet by 2050

“Nature Needs Half is about a new relationship with nature. One that is as strongly values-oriented as it is science-based, drawing upon the best indigenous and contemporary knowledge and practice. It is also a metric and philosophy that redefines human development.

The NNH Network is an expanding international community of committed conservationists in over 20 countries with the goal of protecting and inter-connecting at least 50% of Earth’s protected areas (as wild and high-functioning as possible!) by 2050. Ambitious yet possible, this target requires the NNH Network to forge new opportunities for the defense of Earth’s wild places, and to inspire each other to be ambitious, audacious, and respectful of each other and those who may not agree with us, as we also create a respectful (and truly sustainable) relationship between people and nature.

The values that unite us across culture and perspectives are also at the heart of our strategic decisions. Our commitment to a thriving planet Earth stems from three principles that root all of our actions.

  1. Nature works better when It is connected.
  2. Care is the basis of sustainability.
  3. Collaborative solutions begin with respect. With key collaborative partnerships around the world and coalition building at the forefront of our efforts, we are helping lead the way to a wilder and better future.”

For more information about Nature Needs Half, please visit our website!

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