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Northeast Wilderness Trust Speaker Series

Northeast Wilderness Trust is hosting its very first Speaker Series, and you’re invited! With an all-star line-up of experts speaking to a wide variety of topics, there’s something for everyone in these virtual events.

Pre-registration is required. Click the links below to sign up for an event (or several). If you can’t make it to a talk you’re excited about, not to worry—we’ll share the recordings on our YouTube channel and Facebook page afterwards (except for Nature Trivia, Radical Ecology conversation with Eileen Crist, and Wilderness Ethics book discussion with Laura Waterman).

Speaker Series Line Up

Mark Anderson: Wild Carbon
March 17 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Mark Anderson, PhD. will share recent and ground-breaking science on carbon sequestration and storage in wild, old, and unmanaged forests.

Sue Morse: Meet an Old-Growth Forest 
Co-hosted by Keeping Track
March 24 @ 5:30 PM
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Ecologist and professional tracker Sue Morse will guide us through the characteristics that set apart old-growth forests from their younger counterparts, from structure to wildlife.

Tom Butler: Rewilding: Past, Present, and Future
March 31 @ 5:30 PM
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Tom Butler, Senior Fellow at Northeast Wilderness Trust, will give a brief history of the rewilding movement, followed by a look at where we stand now, and where an eco-centric path forward might take us.

Chris Schadler: Coyotes of the Northeast
Co-hosted by NH Wildlife Coalition
April 7 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Chris Schadler, coyote researcher and advocate, will present on coyote population dynamics, past and present range, and their behavior, habits, and social lives.

Nature Trivia Night!
Co-hosted by North Branch Nature Center
Earth Day, April 22 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Calling all Nature Nerds! Celebrate Earth Day the wild way, with a round of nature trivia with other bio-buffs across the Northeast. There will be prizes for the top three winners…and laughter and fun facts for everyone else!

Eileen Crist: Radical Ecology, A Conversation
April 28 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Join author Eileen Crist in conversation about how current ecological crises are linked to an implicit idea of human supremacy…and how a different future can be possible when this assumption is brought to light and questioned.

Bill McKibben: Wilderness & Climate Change
May 5 @ 5:30 PM
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Bill McKibben, renowned activist and author, will describe how wilderness conservation can mean the difference between a live-able future for all beings and climate chaos.

Jackie Morris: Natural Enchantment
May 11 @ 12:00 PM
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Jackie Morris, acclaimed illustrator and author (The Lost Words, The Lost Spells), will take us on a journey of color and sound celebrating the wondrous creatures with whom we share this planet. Jackie will share her magical watercolor paintings and read from some of her works, followed by a reflection on the ways art and language can bring people into deeper relationship with wild nature. See Jackie’s work at

Laura Waterman: Wilderness Ethics Book Discussion
Co-hosted by Champlain Area Trails
May 19 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Join author Laura Waterman for a guided discussion of her book, Wilderness Ethics: Preserving the Spirit of Wildness. Laura will consider questions from the audience, which may also be submitted in advance.

Writing the Land Poetry Reading
Co-hosted by Writing the Land
May 26 @ 5:30 PM
Click here to register

Four poets—Rachelle Parker, Kathy Kremins, Sylvia Karman, and David Crews—will share their poetry inspired by Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Ambassador Preserves, accompanied by beautiful images of the landscapes.

Featured Image Banner: Bobcat photo © Susan C. Morse 

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