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Offer for Free Copy of Man Swarm to Professors is Still On!

free copyIn December 2015 the Rewilding Institute offered university professors interested in population issues a free copy of Dave Foreman’s book, Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World.  This offer is still on!

Man Swarm addresses major issues related to overpopulation and population growth in the United States and globally. By renowned conservationist and Rewilding Institute founder Dave Foreman, with editor Laura Carroll, Man Swarm:

  • Shows how the overpopulation problem is not just about its impact on people; it examines how overpopulation is the main driver of the extinction of wildlife, wildlands destruction, and the creation of pollution, including destructive greenhouse gases
  • Smartly challenges those who don’t believe overpopulation is a serious issue
  • Gives over 25 tangible ways people can help solve the overpopulation problem

In 2015, Dave gave lectures in undergraduate and graduate Environmental Studies courses at the University of California at Santa Barbara on topics presented in Man Swarm. Students found this subject matter so engrossing that many paid out of their own pockets to get copies of the book.

Read more about the book Here

If you are a university professor, The Rewilding Institute would like to offer you the chance to review Man Swarm to see if it or a portion of it might be of use in your teachings.

We hope that you agree that students need to become more aware of the overpopulation problem and ways to solve it.

Professors, to receive a free copy of Man Swarm:

Please email ou******@re*******.org with the address you would like the book to be sent to, and our Rewilding team will be in touch!

If you know a university professor who might be interested in receiving a complimentary copy, please pass this along to them!

~The Rewilding Team

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Mary K
7 years ago

Perhaps offer the book to local libraries as well. Lots of students are not aware of Malthus paper on population , or Alfred Russel Wallace’s observation of how many animals must have lived and died — yet we are not crowded.

Alan Bundy
7 years ago

The Editor of the online environmental journal, Stefanie Spear, attended the Paris conference this year on the environment, and she related in an interview that human overpopulation was a taboo subject at the Conference. They did not want to confront controlling human births at any all. Perhaps you might also send her a copy of this book-she may already have one? The Eco
Watch Journal is easily found on the Internet.

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