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Paul S. Martin, Pleistocene Ecologist: Colleagues Honor His Legacy, 2011

Seven science colleagues present tributes to Paul S. Martin, 1928 – 2010: Jim King, Geoff Spaulding, Gary Haynes, Alberto Burquez, Tom Van Devender, David Burney, and Connie Barlow (plus, Paul’s son, Tom Martin). The outdoor memorial service was held on the University of Arizona’s Tumamoc Hill (Tucson) on 12 November 2011. Pleistocene ecology and other topics discussed include: palynology, packrat middens as a chronological source of fossil pollen data, megafaunal extinctions of the Quaternary, the Overkill hypothesis, natural history of the Southwestern USA and northern Mexico, Rio Mayo plants, neotropical anachronisms (and the fruits the gomphotheres ate), Pleistocene Rewilding, and the Mammoth Memorial Service at the Mammoth Site in South Dakota. Closing hymn: “Bring Back the Elephants.” Each tribute begins at these times:

Tom Martin “Childhood Memories” (0:44)
Jim King “The Pollen Years” (7:31)
Geoff Spaulding “Packrat Middens and Pleistocene Vegetation” (15:47)
Gary Haynes “Overkill and Pleistocene Extinctions” (19:27)
Alberto Burquez “Rio Mayo Plants” (22:38)
Tom Van Devender “Natural History of the Southwest” (30:00)
David Burney “Pleistocene Rewilding” (35:00)
Connie Barlow “Bring Back the Elephants” (45:36)

To learn more about Paul Martin and for links to his online accessible writings and research, visit http://thegreatstory.org/paul-martin.html

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