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Coyote Pups

Photo Essay: Coyote Pups in the Northern Rockies

Previously I shared some photos from Coyote breeding season, now here are some pups! [Please click on any of the photos to enlarge and scroll through the photo gallery.]


This is one of my favorite Coyote dens in the Northern Rockies of Colorado.

These pups were about 5-6 weeks old when I first saw them, and then I went back a month later. I was on the opposite hillside at a great distance, hiding behind a bush as low as possible. I waited. The first time I only counted 3 pups. I didn’t stay long.

The second time I had to wait 5 hours until they started to show up. Deer and pronghorn passed by…but no pups.

I didn’t want to stress them or the parents if they were nearby; I couldn’t tell if there were any fresh scats or tracks from the distance. I almost thought that the pups were gone, maybe they didn’t survive…But my patience was rewarded, and the view took my breath away. My new count was 5 pups!

It made me so happy, like a little kid seeing new presents under the Christmas tree, and the smile just could not leave my face. I literally had to control my excitement to stay calm without moving or making any noise.

The pups were curious, stretching and scratching, yawning and sniffing everything around the den.

I only watched them for few minutes, then left as I thought the parents might be close and would come to bring food for the pups. Also, I don’t ever want them to get used to people or feel too much comfort around them, as that is one of many reasons coyotes are getting into trouble.

They looked great and healthy. That is what mattered to me.

I always keep these dens secret and never give out locations.

Rewild and keep wild the Earth. It is more important than ever before.—Krisztina Gayler

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