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Photo Essay: Wolf Breeding Season

One of the most interesting and exciting periods in Wolves' lives: the breeding season.

Individuals are taking their chances to find a mate somewhere, and they might successfully form a new family. And existing alpha pairs are fulfilling their duties to keep the family growing with new generations.

I was very lucky to witness both throughout the whole month of February.

Dispersed females and males howling, breaking the silence many times, by calling out to another animal. Families try to call back the dispersed individuals. But the hormones are very strong, and you see more loners and groups searching.

It is fascinating to listen to the “Call of the Wild” in person every single day. Sometimes you hear answers, yet other times the howling sounds desperate and makes you sad when there is no answer.

This Call used to be heard all over on this continent. Now, we have to be the Voice for them, so we can Re-Brand the species in people's mindsets, and we can hear them in more Wilderness, where they belong.


Krisztina Gayler

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Josh B - May 27, 2021

Great shots

    Krisztina Gayler - February 18, 2023

    Thank you Josh!


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