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Photo Essay: Wolves

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Wolves –
They give birth, they see,
they smell, and they feel.
They learn, they hear,
they fear, they heal.

They are hunters, they are guides,
they follow, they are wild.

They get surprised, they get wounded,
they get sick, they get confronted.

They have conflicts, they protect,
they can be playful, they will react.
They get tired and exhausted,
they get old and irritated.

They have families, they have pups,
they have parents, they have luck.
They are social, they can be happy,
they can be sad and can be funny.

They can struggle, they can starve,
they can bleed, and can be harmed.
They can be chased and they can cry,
they can be trampled, they can die.

They are hunted, they are blamed,
they are hated and they are chased.
They can be lonely, can be lost,
they can mourn, they can love.

Is this all familiar?
Living being, just like Us.

The Yellowstone Wolf reintroduction turned out to be the greatest conservation project in history.

And I truly think, in this human manipulated, managed, ruled world, that Americans should be so proud of it, instead of fight it still, as many people do.

Because it is a great example of rewilding, and it can be successfully repeated in other wild places which have been carefully studied by wildlife biologists.

The arrival of European settlers and their ranching practices decimated the wolf, as they occupied wild-lands for livestock.

But today we all know, killing out predator species is destroying the balance of the ecosystem, which has been built so perfectly by Nature over eons.

Like the great wildlife biologist, Mike Phillips pointed out and made his words into reality: “Restoration is an alternative to extinction!”

Wolves can be ecological engineers on the wildlands they inhabit.

Is this not one of the best discoveries in these days before it’s too late, when species are going extinct daily?

Live and let Live – and ReWild.

Krisztina Gayler

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