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Register Now for Healthy Public Lands Project Inaugural Conference on June 1-3

You’re Invited to the Healthy Public Lands Project Inaugural Conference
– June 1-3, 2022 –
Salt Lake City, UT

Registration is now open for the first annual conference of the Healthy Public Lands Project!

The Healthy Public Lands Project is a network of local, regional and national conservation groups working to improve the way livestock grazing is managed on our public lands so that watersheds and wildlife habitat are healthy and thriving.

Our collective vision is to ensure that public lands are managed to prioritize healthy ecosystems for wildlife and present and future generations.

We are very excited to take a deep dive with you into a variety of topics in support of this critical and timely effort to bring light to the current state of public lands and chart a path toward meaningful conservation outcomes that enhance biodiversity and contribute to a future supporting healthy lands, wildlife and humans for generations to come.

So please join us June 1-3 at the University of Utah Law School Salt Lake City for two and half days of dialog, discussion, and debate. We’re looking forward to your input and questions and the opportunity to connect.

Click Here For Conference Details and Registration.

For more information or to inquire about participation and volunteer opportunities email: co*****@he****************.org.

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