Help Preserve One of the Largest Remaining Unprotected Tracts of Land in Connecticut

Greetings, lovers of wildlands,
An important initiative to bring to your attention:

Wellspring Commons is urgently working to preserve one of the largest remaining unprotected tracts of land in Connecticut—650 acres in Litchfield, in the northwest corner. It’s on the market, has just been subdivided, and is under pressing threat of development.

This land is comprised of beautiful mature and second-growth forests, 1.5 miles of frontage along the town’s gorgeous river, well-tended fields and pastures, and 25 acres of spectacular wetlands.

Wellspring Commons has a vision to preserve these 650 acres for proforestation and as one of the few and the largest rewilding projects in Connecticut, as well as to use the former farm infrastructure as a hub for local and regional climate resilience initiatives. The Commons has a goal to bring together people and ideas, in the context of land, to redesign and strengthen sustainable systems for living and support the cultural shift towards a biocentric worldview.

This effort would have significant impact in a state that has very few wildlands, ranks among the lowest in New England for land conservation, and is currently lagging well behind its conservation goals. Located between Boston and New York City, it would also provide a model for what is possible on the east coast and beyond, and it would support larger visions of connectivity, adding to the Eastern Wildway and to the vital 30 x 30 and Half-Earth endeavors.

Wellspring Commons is looking to connect with the community of people who care about rewilding in the northeast, and with funding for this endeavor. We are seeking a partnership with a conservation buyer, or a donation or loan scenario through our non-profit partner (a 501(c)3). A repayment plan includes a combination of federal, state, and private grants; conservation easement purchases; and other funds. The land is listed for $7 million. If you have interest in this initiative, please contact us and please share this letter with others who would want to make an impact.

Contact Kay Winter at 860-921-7678 or

All photos (c) Kay Winter.

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