Remembering Dave Foreman

We are deeply saddened to report that Dave Foreman passed away last night peacefully, at home. The founder of The Rewilding Institute who coined the now ubiquitous name for a global movement to protect and restore wild nature, Rewilding.

Words to describe this loss to friends, family, and the conservation movement are hard to come by at the moment. We will soon be running updates on memorials and the outpouring of memories friends are sharing with us.

In the meantime, the brilliant wordsmith Gary Lawless wrote this beautiful poem for Dave:

Uncle Dave on the Noatak River, Alaska© Nancy Morton

muses come in all shapes –
for Dave

you have to feel it in your heart
put your heart on the
line and say
no, no.
you stand in front of the machine.
you chain yourself to the tree, the gate.
you bid on leases.
you go to court.
you go to jail.
your heart tells you
what to do.
you stand between the destroyers,
and the not to be destroyed.
you stand
and your heart sings
with the wild.

Gary Lawless

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Great interview with Dave shared on Facebook:

Dave Foreman: Do Something from Resource Renewal Institute on Vimeo.

Dave’s great talk with TRI Executive Director John Davis is part of Born To Rewild:


Episode 1: Dave Foreman On The History and Definition of Rewilding

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Pat Owen - September 24, 2022

So sorry to hear of Dave Foreman’s passing. The poem by my friend Gary Lawless says it all,
Protecting our environment will be more crucial than ever and we must and will continue the work Dave started .R.I.P. Dave.

jim Bolen - September 26, 2022

I loved hearing Dave speak at Mountainfilm. His was always a clear and passionate voice for the environment. Talking to him personally was always thoughtful and heartfelt.
One of the few strong voices in the environmental movement about the threats
of human overpopulation and willing to take on the political and environmental
establishment. His efforts for rewinding and migratory corridors is so important,
I am hoping we can continue his efforts with a new generation of leaders to honor

Peter Callen - September 27, 2022

Uncle Dave always supported us here at Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of NM, from the beginning, and for ever after we will be encouraged by his words and deeds – honoring and protecting Nature for Nature’s sake.

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