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Rewilding Cafe Summer Solstice 2020 – Best of Rewilding Earth 

Watch The Full Replay of our June 22nd special Rewilding Cafe book release party!

Authors, poets, and artists from The Rewilding Institute’s recent anthologiesRewilding Earth Unplugged: Best of 2018 and Rewilding Earth: Best of 2019, gather to read from their included works and cover a range of rewilding issues.

Rewilding Earth’s Podcast Host & Producer Jack Humphrey will MC the event. 

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  1. John Davis introduces Rewilding Earth on-line live event 
  • John Davis is Executive Director of The Rewilding Institute and co-editor of Rewilding Earth. 
  1. Dave Foreman on rewilding in general and the update of Rewilding North America  
  • Dave Foreman is a legendary conservation leader and wilderness strategist. He has worked with (and founded) a number of conservation organizations and projects, including The Rewilding Institute, and he has written many books on rewilding and Wild Nature.  
  • Works included in REU18 & RE19. 
  1. Steven Kellogg describing his cover design for Rewilding Earth: Best of 2019 and how art can foster children’s sense of wonder  
  • Steven Kellogg is a wildly successful illustrator and author of scores of children’s books. He is also an extraordinarily generous supporter of conservation groups, animal shelters, and civic organizations. He illustrated the cover of Rewilding Earth: Best of 2019  
  • Illustration also included in REU18. 
  1. Saul Weisberg reading his poem “The White Birds of Winter”  
  • Saul Weisberg is an ecologist, naturalist, and writer who has explored the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years, and he is Executive Director and co-founder of North Cascades Institute.  
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. Paula MacKay on her work for weasels (Reading from “A Tale of Three Weasels” 
  • Paul MacKay is a freelance writer, researcher, and field biologist who has studied wild predators for the past two decades.   
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. Tim McNulty reading his poems “The River I” and “The River II”  
  • Tim McNulty is a poet, essayist, and nature writer based on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. He is the author of ten poetry books and eleven books of natural history.   
  • Works included in REU18 & RE19. 
  1. Nicole Rosmarino on restoring the southern plains ecosystem including prairie dogs and bison at Southern Plains Land Trust (Reading from “Bringing Back the American Serengeti”)  
  • Nicole Rosmarino, Ph.D. helped found the Southern Plains Land Trust and is currently its Executive Director. She has been actively involved in efforts to protect prairie wildlife since 1994.  
  • Work included in REU18. 
  1. Susie O’Keeffe reading her poem “How to Bring the Bison Home”  
  • Susie O’Keefe is an independent writer and teacher and a Research Associate at the College of the Atlantic.   
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. Nancy Stranahan on romancing the land at Arc of Appalachia (Reading from “Filling the Arc of Appalachia: Restoring Wildness to Southern Ohio”) 
  • Nancy Stranahan is the Director of the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System and is one of its founders.  
  • Work included in REU18. 
  1. Dave Parsons & Kirk Robinson on Wildlife Governance Reform & Mexican wolf recovery issues. (Reading from “Wildlife Governance Reform: Where to Begin”) 
  • A former US Fish and Wildlife Service member and later chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliancecurrently Dave Parsons is the Carnivore Conservation Biologist for The Rewilding Institute, and a member of the Science Advisory Board of Project Coyote.   
  • Kirk Robinson is the founder and Executive Director of the Western Wildlife Conservancy. Prior to founding Western Wildlife Conservancy, Kirk earned a Ph.D. in philosophy and taught courses at universities for 15 years.   
  • Work included in REU18. 
  1. David Crews reading his poem “Ecotone”  
  • David Crews is author of Wander-Thrush: Lyric Essays of the Adirondacks and High Peaks (a poetry collection that catalogs his hiking of the “Adirondack 46ers” in northern New York.) Crews serves as artist-in-residence with ARTS By The People.  
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. Eileen Crist speaking for the deep sea (Reading from “Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Menace of Deep-Sea Mining” 
  • Eileen Crist formerly a professor at Virginia Tech, is now an Associate Editor with The Ecological Citizen and has written and spoken extensively on population and other environmental issuesShe is author of Images of Animals: Anthropomorphism and Animal Mind and Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization. 
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. Robert Michael Pyle reading his poem “The Librarians” 
  • Robert Michael Pyle is a lepidopterist and a writer whose twenty-four books include WintergreenNature Matrix, the novel Magdalena Mountain, and three collections of poems. The poem read here comes from Evolution of the Genus Iris. Pyle founded The Xerces Society in 1971 and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society.
  • Work included in RE19. 
  1. John Miles "From No Wild to Rewilding."
  • A former teacher and dean of Huxley College of Environmental Studies, John Miles is retired now, but he continues to work on national parks, wilderness, and rewilding the earth. He is writing a history of the North Cascades Institute, an organization he helped found.  
  • Works included in REU18 & RE19. 

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