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Rewilding Earth Podcast 2023 Highlights

2023 was a banner year for the Rewilding Earth Podcast

We approached 200,000 downloads and hit 85% “impactful plays.” (Meaning listeners listen, on average, to at least 75% of each episode.) We picked up a new badge for publishing consecutively for 5 years, which will turn to 6 years next month. Where does the time go?

This year, listeners learned much about natural springs in the Southwest United States and heard from experts on rewilding, re-ottering, and re-watering watersheds.

We also met experts on returning Grizzlies to Northern California, moving humanity toward an ecocentric view of nature’s value, a novel approach to moving the needle on population education, and many other topics.

With support from our listeners and newsletter subscribers and generous sponsorship from Biohabitats, the podcast continues to reach a wider audience and receive great reviews.

Spreading The Word

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Thanks to everyone who downloaded, shared, and supported the Rewilding Earth Podcast in 2023. We couldn’t have come this far without you!

Below you will find every episode of 2023. Check to see if you missed one or two and get caught up. We’ll be back in 2024!

Rewilding Earth Podcast Episodes Of 2023

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