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Rewilding Earth Podcast Episode 79: Dam Removal and River Restoration with Laura Wildman

laura wildman

Laura Wildman, Practice Area Lead at Biohabitats

About Laura Wildman

Laura Wildmand is Practice Area Lead at Biohabitats. She is a practicing fisheries and water resource specializing in ecological restoration consulting for aquatic systems.  Her expertise and passion, centers on the restoration of rivers through the reestablishment of natural functions and aquatic connectivity. She is considered one of the foremost nation U.S. experts on barrier removal and alternative fish passage techniques, regularly lecturing, instructing, and publishing on these topics; including assisting with the instruction of courses for the University of Wisconsin and Yale University.  She recently co-wrote the Dam Removal chapter in the book Sea to Source 2.0, discussed the history and human dimensions of barrier removal projects in a special edition of the Journal of Engineering Geology, and described sediment management issues associated with dam removal in an interview for the Adaptive Management of Barriers on European Rivers’ Let It Flow Magazine.

  • Learn about aquatic connectivity issues.
  • Why no one really knows how many dams there are in the United States.
  • The Twenty-First Century Dams Act: A big step in ramping up outdated and ecologically destructive dam removal.
  • How to do the kind of work Laura does:  The education needed and the passion to speak for the rivers.
Extra Credit

blankRead the latest issue of Biohabitats’ Leaf Litter on Dam Removal

Laura’s work has recently been highlighted in the following documentaries: 

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