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Episode 73: Rewilding In Namibia with Carey Peterson

Carey Peterson

Carey Peterson, Solitaire Land Trust, Namibia


Carey Peterson is a professional writer, editor and conservationist. She is co-author, with friend and former husband Robert Glenn Ketchum, of The Tongass: Alaska’s Vanishing Rainforestpublished by Aperture. In addition to many local conservation initiatives in the various places she has lived, including New York, Hawaii, California, and Washington State, she served as development director for Rod Jackson and Darla Hillard at The Snow Leopard Conservancy. She has traveled through all 50 states, and much of China, Japan, Europe, Central America, and Africa. She is currently a Managing Director of the Solitaire Land Trust in Namibia, a habitat and migration corridor restoration project and has lived on the edge of the Namib Desert for the past 9 years.

  • Letting Namibia rewild itself
  • How fencing challenges wildlife movement and the ongoing work to remove fences and save wild lives
  • The importance of private landowners being able to connect to national international databases and tracking soil, species, rainfall, and other metrics for operations under 100,000 acres
  • What kills more wildlife than poaching?
  • The impacts of cattle grazing in Namibia
  • What it’s like to be trapped on the wrong side of a fast-moving wildfire
  • Water issues challenge rewilding Namibia
  • Human wildlife conflict in Namibia
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Read Carey’s article here on Solitaire Land Trust – A Contribution to Rewilding Namibia

Biodiversity and the need for refuge

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The colonial origins of a fenced-off Southern Africa

Caught between a Rock and a Hyrax: Consequences of Vermin Control in Namibia

wild oryx, Namibia from carey peterson on Vimeo.

30 x 30: where will the money come from?

Climate change and carbon sequestration; thinking out of the box

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