Rewilding North America by Dave Foreman

"Rewilding North America is a must-read for anyone who cares about protecting our natural heritage for the benefit--for the very sustainability--of future generations." -Mike Matz, Executive Director, Campaign for America's Wilderness

In Rewilding North America, Dave Foreman sets out a vision that is bold, scientifically credible, practically achievable, and hopeful.

It is a vision and strategy based on the functional role of large carnivores in maintaining and restoring healthy ecosystems and the need for conservation action on a continental-scale. To give you a taste of it, here is the Table of Contents:

rewilding north america

The "Sand County Almanac" of our time!

"Nearly 60 years ago, Aldo Leopold gave the world a treasure: his "Sand County Almanac". "Rewilding North America" is the Sand County Almanac of our time, in eloquence as well as vision. Dave Foreman, who raised the conservation bar so shockingly (and successfully) with "Earth First!" 25 years ago, has now become an elder, a respected colleague of the leading lights in conservation biology, while carrying on his legacy of showing the rest of us new possibilities for bolder and more biocentric paths of ethics and action." ~Connie Barlow

"Foreman somehow manages to be comprehensive, historically informed, accurate, and succinct." 

"This makes the book surprisingly well suited to serve as a text for introductory courses in ecology or conservation biology. The book's provocative vision will certainly spark interest and lively discussion." ~Conservation Biology

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"Finally there is something which dares to challenge conventionality in its face and say capitalism and manifest destiny aren't doing us any favours... This books opens your mind to greater processes and aspirations than what were are trained for in society... go for it!" ~Thomas Juhasz

© Nancy Morton

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What's Inside

Part I. Bad News

1. The Extinction Crisis

2. The Pleistocene-Holocene Event: Forty Thousand years of Extinction

3. The First Wave of the Pleistocene-Holocene Event

4. The Second and Third Waves of the Pleistocene-Holocene Event

5. Ecological Wounds of North America: Direct Killing and Habitat Loss

6. Ecological Wounds of North America: Fragmentation, Loss of Ecological Processes, Exotic Species, Pollution, and Climate Change

Part II. Good News

7. Conservation Biology

8. Rewilding North America

9. Selecting and Designing Protected Areas: The Early Days

10. Selecting and Designing Protected Areas: The Past Two Decades

11. The Importance of Wilderness Areas

Part III. Taking Action

12. Putting the Pieces Together: Building a North America Wildlands Network

13. An Ecological Approach to Wilderness Area Selection and Design

14. Land Management Reforms for Implementing the North American Wildlands Network

15. Hope for the Future

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