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In this Organizational Directory we provide links to a wide variety of groups (local, regional, national and international) working on various aspects of rewilding and continental-scale conservation.

Rewilding Players Links by Category

These groups are listed under several categories; some are listed in more than one category. Where the group's location isn't obvious from their name, we give the region where the group is involved. Groups generally working on national or international scales are listed first in each category.

This list is not complete. We hope to add groups to it as we become aware of their work. If you would like to be listed in this directory, please send us your website address and a sentence or two describing what you do. The decision to list groups rests solely with The Rewilding Institute. If you no longer wish to be listed or your mission has changed, please let us know.

Wildlife for All


These groups are applying to varying degrees The Rewilding Institute ecological guidelines on Wilderness Area (or other protected area) selection, design, and prioritization, or are otherwise using continental-scale considerations for protected area design.

The Ecological Citizen is an ecocentric, online journal that is striving to address the central issue of our time: how to halt and reverse our current ecocidal course and create an ecological civilization.

Creating a harmonious, respectful and mutually flourishing relationship with the ecosphere is the basis of such a civilization. This involves preserving and restoring biological richness, ecological complexity and evolutionary potential – as well as the beauty, mystery and integrity of Earth. Nothing less will suffice.

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Our publications, full editions or individual articles, are available without charge.

You can sign on to the statement of commitment to ecocentrism here.


These groups are generally involved in protecting and restoring landscape permeability in the Four Continental MegaLinkages or are specifically involved by identifying and working to modify highway barriers, controlling off-road vehicles, opposing new roads, or restoring unnecessary and damaging roads on public lands.


These groups are doing hands-on ecological restoration (stream and watershed restoration, exotic species removal, restoration of natural fire, road closures, etc.) from a continental-scale perspective.


These groups defend wildlands and wildlife from exploitation using a continental-scale perspective.


  • Children & Nature Network - connects children, their families and communities to nature through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration and support of grassroots leadership.


  • Animal Base - Taxonomy. A copyright-free open access to historical zoological works. Provides manually verified lists of names of zoological genera and species in a database that should include most names of zoological taxa established from 1757 until  1788.
  • Encyclopedia of Life - mission is to increase awareness and understanding of living nature through an Encyclopedia of Life that gathers, generates, and shares knowledge in an open, freely accessible and trusted digital resource.
  • Listen to Nature - 400 samples from the British Library collection of a vast array of sounds from nature. While you're there, check out The Language of Birds.
  • Discover Life - organized taxonomically, the All Living Things section provides descriptions, photos and other information about 270,000 global species.

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