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Rewilding Successes and Lessons

With varying degrees of success, Wolves have been restored or have returned to the Central Rocky Mountains of North America and much of northern Europe; Beavers have been reintroduced to many places from which they were eradicated in the United States and Western Europe; Fishers have been brought back to the US Northeast...

...Lynx were released in the Southern Rockies, and are slowly regaining old strongholds; Moose are recolonizing New York’s great Adirondack Park; Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles and other birds of prey have been rescued from regional extirpation many places; and salmon and other diadromous fish are being nursed back to viability in some rivers.  

The Rewilding movement in Europe, especially, is spreading like wildfire; and there are more and more success stories to share, from every continent. Rewilding Earth will be a meeting place to share these stories and draw lessons and inspiration from them. --editors, spring 2018

2022 UPDATE: Closely related to and overlapping our Rewilding Earth work is our project with The Ecological CitizenGlobal Rewilding Alliance, and regional partners to gather and share rewilding success stories from around the world.  In this global effort to share inspiration and lessons, TRI staff will focus on gathering North American stories, while rewilding.org will cross-link to stories from abroad.  Stories will soon be posted at The Ecological Citizen.  If you have a rewilding success story to share (protected area creation or expansion, wildlife reintroduction, dam or road removal, wildlife crossing installed …), please send us 500-1000 words with a good photo or two and a map if appropriate; and we’ll help broadcast your good work for the wild.

Latest Rewilding Successes and Lessons Articles...

Mexican gray wolf

Rewilding in the Media #13

Mexican gray wolf (Source: AZ Game and Fish Department) Related to stories #4 & #9. Editors’ note:  Fortunately, rewilding projects and ideas are in the news

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Zion Cougar, photo by Washington Fish and Wildlife, at http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ncs/photos.html#act

Rewilding Expansion

In addressing the extinction and related climate crises, we must do everything, and it won’t be enough, to paraphrase climate justice champion Bill McKibben.  The

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Jaguars Are Now Breeding Successfully In Argentina Without Assistance

“With jaguars now breeding successfully without assistance, the species is steadily making its way to a full recovery.” –Tompkins Conservation Arami carrying her cub outside the

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Mariua and cubs in Iberá

Jaguars Roam Free in Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands for the First Time in 70 Years

Tompkins Conservation shares a Rewilding Argentina update. Featured Image: Mariua and cubs in Iberá. Argentina has brought jaguars back to the vast Iberá wetlands, seventy years after

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Alewives returning by the millions after the removal of the Edwards and Ft. Halifax dams were removed from the Kennebec River of Maine.

Dam Removal Successes

By Jason Kahn  Featured Image: Alewives returning by the millions after the removal of the Edwards and Ft. Halifax dams were removed from the Kennebec

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Tim McNulty

Episode 14: A Rewilding Success Story on the Elwha River

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