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Rewilding Successes and Lessons

With varying degrees of success, Wolves have been restored or have returned to the Central Rocky Mountains of North America and much of northern Europe; Beavers have been reintroduced to many places from which they were eradicated in the United States and Western Europe; Fishers have been brought back to the US Northeast...

...Lynx were released in the Southern Rockies, and are slowly regaining old strongholds; Moose are recolonizing New York’s great Adirondack Park; Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles and other birds of prey have been rescued from regional extirpation many places; and salmon and other diadromous fish are being nursed back to viability in some rivers.  

The Rewilding movement in Europe, especially, is spreading like wildfire; and there are more and more success stories to share, from every continent. Rewilding Earth will be a meeting place to share these stories and draw lessons and inspiration from them. --editors, spring 2018

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