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Rewilding Successes Story-Sharing Platform Launched

The Ecological Citizen Vol. 6 No. 1 2023

The Ecological Citizen Vol. 6 No. 1 2023

The Ecological Citizen has just published a new issue, which has a focus on rewilding, and simultaneously launched a story-sharing platform titled Rewilding Successes.

With this issue of the journal, and the parallel launch of the Rewilding Successes initiative, The Ecological Citizen is aiming to foreground the work and promise of rewilding – coming of age since Dave Foreman first coined the word decades ago – to set natural areas and processes free to express their inherent, regenerative, and life-creating manifestations.

By robustly protecting expansive and unfragmented wilderness, multiplying rewilding projects around the globe (from small- to large-scale), and interconnecting wild nature areas, we can halt the extinction crisis and avert a human-driven mass extinction event.

Studies are also increasingly showing that large-scale nature protection and rewilding initiatives at all scales will contribute substantially to mitigating global heating and thus averting many ecological and social disasters in its wake. Importantly, the rewilding vision also moves us toward creating a new existential and ethical foundation in the relationship between humanity and Earth: one built on the virtues of restraint, reciprocity, love, and awe for all life.

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