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Salish Sea Herring Highway Story Map

Update from Anne Shaffer, PhD of the Coastal Watershed Institute on tracking the importance and beauty of nearshore ecosystem functions.

This spring we finally got back to our work in the Elwha nearshore, just in time for the spring Salish Sea herring migration season. Herring adults are migrating off their spawning grounds and larvae off their natal beds to and along their nearshore Salish Sea pathways. So many elements of this critical migration are unknown.  As we and our collaborators work to secure funding for understanding the nearshore herring migration corridor of the Salish Sea, we provide this living story to illustrate the connectivity of our Salish Sea.

The map at the end of the scroll provides a very basic snapshot to illustrate the geographic (and synergistic) linkages of herring across the Salish Sea.  For each of these sites, we provide a few fun photos of (almost simultaneous) spawn events and hotlinks to place-based organizations dedicated to understanding and protecting these important foundations of our Salish Sea ecosystem. Please do contact them to learn about their work and how you can help.  And remember, this is the first swing at a living document, so do let us know how you can help!

Thank you to Clinton Stipek, former Coastal Watershed Institute intern now CWI fellow and data analyst to the stars (literally) for building this map for us.

Click the image to view the story map! 

Herring Highway Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI)

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