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Saving the Mexican Gray Wolf

This is a brilliant video showing that the fighters for Mexican Gray Wolf reintroduction were right all along.  I don’t suppose apologies will be forthcoming from the strongest enemies of the Wolf who helped stall the reintroduction program for many years.

But in the end, the right thing was done.  And now we have proof of that fact.

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14 years ago

This is a well done video – but it seems to say that people who liked wolves in the beginning still like them now – what “proof” does it offer that “the right thing was done”? It does not address the anti-wolf people’s issues…… this video won’t get anyone to change their position on wolves.

14 years ago

Nice video. Brings to my memory bank my field experiences growing up in New Mexico and Idaho. The typical Easterner is totally disconnected from Wild Nature, caring only about their chemically-maintained green lawn and the gas guzzlers filling the three-car garage.

13 years ago

But an unthreatening wolf is not wild, nor is the garden of Eden wilderness. We may need to emphasize the benevolent nature of wolves to counter centuries of demonization, but a danger exists in turning wilderness into a garden and forgetting that outside the boundaries of our “text,” outside of civilization, true wildness still retains an element of true terror.

Mike M
13 years ago

I’m sorry TRI, but I know an Alaskan in his 30s who is eager to kill more wolves, although he has moved far south.
I also know several hunters, who although they are not wealthy, and thus not trophy focused, also spout ignorant rhetoric about wolves, failing utterly to understand their part in proper balance of intact ecosystems, and their recently observed role in Greater Yellowstone, of helping to restore healthy ecosystems.

Until an entirely different relationship with the world is taught, and becomes part of cultural consciousness, the wolf, and far more, is at grave risk of extinction.

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