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Letter and excerpts from latest Sea Shepherd newsletter –

Dear Friend of Sea Shepherd,

Day 47 as a prisoner in Germany. My detainment has raised a lot of awareness for our cause. Citizens in Germany and all around the world have been very supportive. The only one who does not seem supportive is the German Minister of Justice.

Our campaigns have not been affected by my detainment. Sea Shepherd is equipped with many skilled, passionate people who work year-round to make our campaigns possible.

Read on to get details about a new vessel, victory for the bluefin tuna, challenges for the seals in Namibia, and details on my arrest and how you can make a difference. This is a critical time for our oceans. We need your help to continue defending the marine wildlife we all know is so important to this great Earth.

I established the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977 as something new and different — a group primarily composed of volunteers intervening against illegal activities exploiting marine wildlife. Our goal was aggressive intervention to uphold international conservation law and to do so without inflicting injury upon our opponents.

35 years later our mission remains extraordinarily unique in the conservation movement. We are the only organization that places ourselves in harm’s way by confronting poachers head-on, and we are extremely successful at defending marine wildlife. This movement won’t stop just because I have been arrested. In fact, my detainment is strengthening our resolve and creating even more direct action leaders, ship captains, volunteers, and supporters for our cause. Please continue to support our campaigns, so we can continue to get results.

For the oceans,


Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

Contact Germany and Help FreePaulWatson
Captain Watson remains detained in Germany! Contact Germany’s Federal Ministry of Justice to respectfully urge his pending extradition to Costa Rica be denied and request his release.


Contact details and a sample letter are available on the Sea Shepherd website, and you can also browse through photos and videos from supporters all over the world who are speaking out to Save Our Skipper.

Costa Rican Shark Finners Don’t Want a Trial, They Want an Execution!
We have a long and successful history fighting shark-finners and poachers around the globe. Since 2000, our model program in the Galapagos, in cooperation with the Galapagos National Park Service and Ecuadorian Police, has assisted in confiscating more than 100,000 shark fins and other wildlife species.


We have also contributed $4 million USD in anti-poaching resources to the Galapagos and have assisted in capturing Costa Rican fishing vessels operating inside the boundaries of the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve. However, we are prepared for the uphill battle it will take to make a similar impact in Costa Rica. Learn why we need your ongoing help . . .


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