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Snapshot of Elwha Nearshore Restoration, June 2022

Update from Anne Shaffer, PhD of the Coastal Watershed Institute on tracking Elwha nearshore ecosystem restoration post-dam removal. 

The nearshore is beautiful and teeming with life these early June mornings. Juvenile Chinook, coho, and chum are active, plump, and feeding vigorously as they grow and continue their nearshore migration to/thru and out of the estuary/lower river. The Elwha coastal beaver have made it thru winter and are also VERY busy now caching food and repairing the lodge-all with a brand new kit. Pamela Adams, CWI volunteer beaver specialist, generated a quick video update (see above). Thank you to the hard working, dedicated crew of CWI interns, staff, volunteers and collaborators for their good, hard work and will to understand and promote the conservation of this important zone.

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