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Episode 115: Spreading Rewilding Awareness And Advocacy Via Journeys With Purpose

Duncan Grossart

Duncan Grossart, Founder, Journeys With Purpose

Duncan is the Founder and Managing Director of Journeys With Purpose.  Journeys With Purpose is a member of 1% for the PlanetThe Long Run, and a Certified B Corp, and as B Corp’s highest-scoring travel company it’s been awarded “Best for the World: Environment 2022”.  Our Vision is for A World Where All Life Thrives.  
Duncan passionately believes in restoring our relationship with the natural world, conserving landscapes, and harmonizing lives and prosperous communities.  He joins as a co-host for flagship experiences and shares their context in relation to other leading conservation and restoration projects throughout the world.
A zoology graduate (BSc + MSc), with a commercial career owning and developing media agencies, then a return to environmental and nature conservation work and focused entirely on rewilding in recent years.  His rewilding and landscape-scale restoration experience includes work with Rewilding BritainWildEastThe European Nature Trust, and Rewilding Europe, and is a trustee of the Pelorus Foundation.  In addition to this, he is a fellow of the Royal Geographical SocietyZoological Society of LondonRoyal Society for Asian Affairs, and Scientific Exploration Society, and a published photographer.  
Duncan is a a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (where he is a board member of the Planet Action Network, a committee member of the Global Impact Summit Rwanda 2024 and a Travel Network Minister), and the Green Angel Syndicate.
  • Working with Doug and Kris Tompkins in Ibera National Park
  • Projects in Carpathia and other locations
  • East, Southern, and West Africa
  • Diversity, social equity, and social justice

“People in business who don’t think they can do this, who don’t think they can contribute, they can absolutely pivot business skills, corporate skills, organizational leadership skills to rewilding and bring great success to it. Because in a way you’re often applying the same principles: good old-fashioned marketing, good old-fashioned communications, and it does work. It’s just a case of persisting really hard and fast at it.” ~Duncan Grossart

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