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Talking Rivers Presents “We Are all in this Together” Symposium

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Standing up for the Guardians of the Natural World

Talking Rivers is pleased to present a series of three virtual events, where we will join to discuss how we can expand the concept of environmental stewardship beyond the human and unravel the historical roots of the climate crisis.

“We Are all in this Together” Symposium seeks to reposition environmental stewardship and humanities disciplines within an eco-centric framework. Through a series of three virtual events, we are planning to explore the concepts of land “ownership” and the importance of honoring nature’s more-than-human guardians. The events will first address the settler colonial history, which has brought us to this point of crisis. Then, we will invite the speakers to explore alternatives that honor the needs and interests of all ecosystems. Together, the speakers will join with audiences to consider how to shift the exploitative paradigm that currently dominates and build a future that protects and respects the life of all ecosystems and communities.

To register for the events, just visit: https://talkingrivers.org/we-are-all-in-this-together

This program was funded in part by Humanities New York, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

© Talking Rivers


De-structuring Ownership
February 28th @ 6:30PM EST
Dismantling Colonialist Notions of Private Property

The event will grapple with the history of colonization and commodification of the more-than-human world in Northeast Turtle Island, drawing the connection between settler colonial conception of private property, and the current climate crisis.

The Spirits of Nature
March 19th @ 6:30PM EST
Respecting the Ancestral Guardians of the Natural World

The event will address how communities have, since time immemorial, honored and protected the spirits of the natural world. From communities standing up to defend the guardians of mountains t  water guardians that advocate for the spirits of rivers, humans have long acknowledged the existence of the beings who don’t fit into the western empirical conception of nature.

Who Looks After Water
April 9th @ 6:30PM EST
A Conversation about Water’s More-Than-Human Guardians

The event will focus on how more-than-human beings (such as Trees, Wolves and Eels) are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities towards the ecosystems they call home, while playing their part in maintaining an ecosystem balance that keeps all life flourishing.

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