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The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2018

Thanks for helping to spread the word!

From ka**@wi**************.org Wildlands Network">Wildlands Network

Hi, everyone! The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2018 has been introduced in Congress, and we are ready to post the wonderful news on social media! Thanks again for your help amplifying this landmark legislation and thanking our Congressional champions for protecting wildlife corridors.

Here is a copy of the bill.

To help spread the word about the introduction, we put together this digital toolkit. The various components of the toolkit include:

  1. Social media sample posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (also see below for easy copying/pasting)
  2. Photos
  3. E-Alert with instructions. The e-alert asks supporters to click a button in the email that sends a tweet to Sen. Udall and Rep. Beyer, thanking them for championing this legislation. Click to tweet instructions are included in the folder.
  4. Talking points for guidance

Social Media Sample Posts

These can be shared on any platform, and we encourage you to post to all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Please, first thank our congressional champions:

Thank you @SenatorTomUdall and @RepDonBeyer for introducing the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2018! The future of wildlife depends on their freedom to move and migrate. With this bill, we can #ProtectWildlifeCorridors across the country. 

Then, share more information about the importance of this legislation:

Over 160 conservation groups have come together to support @SenatorTomUdall and @RepDonBeyer as they introduce the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act. Together, we can #ProtectWildlifeCorridors to secure the future of America’s native wildlife. Learn more: link to fact sheet

Linking habitat with wildlife corridors can protect America’s wild species – from the pronghorn to monarch butterflies, brook trout and mule deer. Learn more about how we can #ProtectWildlifeCorridors through the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act (link to PR/fact sheet).

Many animals use pathways called wildlife corridors to travel 100s of miles to find food & mates. Protecting these wildlife corridors can secure the future of American wildlife! Let’s #ProtectWildlifeCorridors with the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act. (link to PR/fact sheet)

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