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To Infinity And Beyond: A Lone Mexican Wolf's Search For Territory Along The Mogollon Rim

Mexican wolf

The Need For Large Carnivore Protection Made Clear By Tracking A Mexican Wolf Named Infinity...

The Rewilding Institute's Carnivore Conservation Advocate, Renee Seacor has been following the journey of a lone male lobo named Infinity as he makes his way north westward along the Mogollon rim. She's been tracking his movements as he directly shows us the importance of this crucial wildlife corridor, the Mogollon Wildway.

Mogollon Wildlife Conservation Area (Proposed)

Problem: USFWS has constructed an artificial boundary for lobos to remain south of Interstate 40 in Arizona and New Mexico, and Infinity is inching his way closer to that boundary line each day.

Solution: The Rewilding Institute and partners are advocating that the USFWS must remove the artificial northern boundary for lobos and allow the population to naturally disperse and provide them with the habitat they need to thrive and survive in the wild. 


Listen below to learn more about the obstacles Infinity faces and The Rewilding Institute's advocacy efforts to protect his right to roam freely and protect the habitat he needs in the Mogollon corridor!


Renee Seacor, Carnivore Conservation Advocate

Episode 91: Renee Seacor Advocates For Mexican Wolves "To Infinity and Beyond I-40!"

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