Wildlands Philanthropy

Many of the world’s great natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries owe their protection at least in part to the generosity of people – who use their own resources to secure wildlife habitat – ranging from school children collecting pennies for Great Smoky Mountains and Big Bend National Parks to Rockefellers and Mellons and Tomkins’s donating millions for land conservation.

Long ago, editors at Wild Earth coined the term ‘wildlands philanthropy’ and helped promote this vital land-saving tool.  

We redouble our commitment to wildlands philanthropy in Rewilding Earth, and offer space to the land trusts and individuals purchasing and keeping lands Forever Wild.

We recognize that many conservation deals convey only partial protection to the land.  So called “working forest” and “working ranch” deals have their place and are sometimes the best available option, but we will generally reserve our space for the deals that strive to give full, wilderness-level protection to lands and waters.

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