Wildways And Their Champions

Places still wild are so because of champions. These heroic individuals often include people who dedicate their lives to protecting or restoring or

reconnecting the lands they love; and the heroes always include animals, plants, and other life-forms that depend on and enrich the wild places.

Wildlands and their Champions includes articles by and interviews of the human champions who are defending the wild champions. 

Here will live many of the podcasts we will do from interviews in the field with advocates for critical wild cores and habitat linkages. Here, too, will be described (in articles, podcasts, and videos) some of the brave adventures of the next generation of conservation leaders.

Bramble Hairstreaks in the Jemez
Featured image: Bramble Hairstreak (Callophrys affinis) nectars at flowers of Fendler’s Buckbrush (Ceanthus fendleri) in the Zuni Mountains of Cibola[...]
Once-extinct Macaws are Repopulating Iberá
Featured Image: Red-and-green macaws © Tompkins Conservation Rewilding Argentina has released five juvenile red-and-green macaws as part of an ongoing[...]
In Memory of Michael Soulé, Project Coyote Science Advisory Board, 2008–2020
Featured image: Project Coyote Science Advisory Board By Camilla Fox, Executive Director, Project Coyote It is with a heavy heart[...]
Immortalizing Michael Soule
Featured image: Michael Soulé, TRI Rewilding Leadership Council Like conservationists and scientists around the world, The Rewilding Institute was saddened[...]
Science must trump politics for wolves to survive
Op-Ed by Maggie Howell and David Parsons First published in Santa Fe New Mexican, My View, June 19, 2020 Reduced[...]
City Rewilding
Featured image: Hawk feather on spruce © Rowan Kilduff By Rowan Kilduff  Preamble Why rewilding? Why cities? What is our[...]

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