Wildways And Their Champions

Places still wild are so because of champions. These heroic individuals often include people who dedicate their lives to protecting or restoring or

reconnecting the lands they love; and the heroes always include animals, plants, and other life-forms that depend on and enrich the wild places.

Wildlands and their Champions includes articles by and interviews of the human champions who are defending the wild champions. 

Here will live many of the podcasts we will do from interviews in the field with advocates for critical wild cores and habitat linkages. Here, too, will be described (in articles, podcasts, and videos) some of the brave adventures of the next generation of conservation leaders.

Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch: How Healing a Southwest Oasis Holds Promise for Our Endangered Land
Occasionally someone writes a book that pulls together the many threads of a complex situation, shedding much-needed light on it,[...]
Episode 121: Beyond Borders – Jaguar Recovery In The United States
About Before joining The Rewilding Institute, Megan “Turtle” Southern was the coordinator of the Northern Jaguar Project, where she helped[...]
Freed Andean Condors to Provide a Window into Wild Behavior in the Face of Habitat Pressures
Four Andean condors (Vultur gryphus) released in Patagonia National Park will reinforce the Patagonian population of the largest raptor in[...]
Jack Loeffler’s A Pagan Polemic: Reflections on Nature, Consciousness, and Anarchism
Imagine you have been pondering relationships between nature and culture since, in the 1950s, you watched the explosion of an[...]
Episode 120: Carnivore Conservation in the Pacific Northwest With Paula MacKay and Robert Long
About Paula MacKay has studied wild carnivores for the past two decades and is currently a carnivore conservation specialist with Seattle’s Woodland[...]
THE WAY OF THE WOLF: Learning from the Elders
Zeebie, Western Wolf, Adirondack Wildlife Refuge. Photo © D. Plumley, 2010 The Wolf CLAN Initiative    OBSERVE & LISTEN The[...]
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