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Wildways And Their Champions

Places still wild are so because of champions. These heroic individuals often include people who dedicate their lives to protecting or restoring or

reconnecting the lands they love; and the heroes always include animals, plants, and other life-forms that depend on and enrich the wild places.

Wildlands and their Champions includes articles by and interviews of the human champions who are defending the wild champions. 

Here will live many of the podcasts we will do from interviews in the field with advocates for critical wild cores and habitat linkages. Here, too, will be described (in articles, podcasts, and videos) some of the brave adventures of the next generation of conservation leaders.

Adirondack Wildways Update
Connectivity work continues in New York’s Adirondack Park and beyond. Priority areas and species include Split Rock Wildway, Algonquin to[...]
Rewilding: A walk on the academic side of rewilding
By Nathalie Pettorelli, Sarah Durant and Johan du Toit Reviewed by Vance Russell of Ecosulis This review originally appeared on[...]
Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 to be introduced today
Update from Wildlands Network The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 is scheduled to be introduced today in both the[...]
Episode 24: Keith Bowers On The Front Lines Of Restoration and Rewilding
For over three decades, Keith Bowers has been at the forefront of applied ecology, land conservation and sustainable design.  Founder[...]
Guardians of the Forest: Returning Wolves and Pumas to the East
By John W. Laundre' Editors’ note: The following is adapted from the Preface of John Laundre’s upcoming book on Returning[...]
The Cliff Edge: Generating Political Will for the Required Level of Change
By Randy Hayes FOUNDATION EARTH - Rethinking society from the ground up! 660 Pennsylvania Avenue S.E., Suite 402 Washington, DC[...]

Spread Rewilding Around the Globe!