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Wyoming Autumn Equinox

9,000 feet, 7 AM, 20 degrees:
First snow paints the bald pate
above tree line on the trail
to Medicine Mountain.

Tracks sharp as an arrow, chevron-heeled appear, then
ahead crimson coat, black stockinged, brush-tipped tail
dabbed white, fox turns
surprised, backward glancing
uphill away
from us.

Full moon setting, sun rising
seesaw over the ridge
cusp, turning seasons
on the Bighorn
Medicine Wheel.

Christopher Spatz

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Passage (c) musicman82, summitpost.org


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Loras Holmberg - October 8, 2021

Beautiful site to visit! Cheers to those who hike instead of drive the last mile or whatever it is. Being above tree line in a largely wild area is refreshing for the soul.

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