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A Radio Interview with John Davis

Photo: Susan Baycot-Davis

It’s always fun to have a conversation with John Davis, so get some iced tea, turn up the volume and take some time to listen as John is interviewed by Ken Rose on What Now, aired on KOWS Radio Occidental July 23, 2012. Weaving lessons learned, travel stories and his deep knowledge and concern for the future of wildlife, John’s tales leave you wanting to hear more about TrekEast, his year-long journey through the Eastern Wildway. TrekWest, through the Spine of the Continent, is due to begin in January 2013 and he welcomes your company and your attention to the conservation issues he will encounter along the way.

Please visit Ken Rose’s website, What Now, to find hundreds of interviews with writers and activists and people you’d like to know – Dave Foreman, David Ehrenfeld, Carl Safina, William Ryerson and many more.

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