It’s Time for a Revolution in State Wildlife Governance

Grizzly c/o Susan Morgan

By Kirk Robinson, Western Wildlife Conservancy “Hunting is conservation!” This slogan seems to be omnipresent lately. It is clearly meant to pair the ideas in people’s minds so that the idea of hunting will benefit by association with the idea of conservation. After all, hunting involves killing, which not only evokes negative sentiments in people’s […]

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“Wilderness Under Siege” Roadshow, with George Wuerthner

George Wuerthner, Wilderness Watch’s Advocate-Organizer, is traveling the country to raise awareness about Wilderness and the threats facing it. “Geo” is talking about the challenges facing Wilderness, helping people better protect the Wildernesses in their backyards and around the country, and organizing against congressional and administration efforts to weaken or repeal the Wilderness Act. We […]

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To Win, Conservationists Must Change Their Message & Branding for Biodiversity

TO WIN, CONSERVATIONISTS MUST CHANGE THEIR MESSAGE By  Kim Vacariu Conservationists cannot win based on the merits of their ideas alone. Nor can they win based on the current way in which those ideas are delivered to what is now the most important audience segment for protecting Nature: the “non-conservation voting public,” those current and […]

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Why States Will Not Serve the American Public as Well  as Federal Land Managers 

Comb Ridge, UT c/o John Miles

By John C. Miles The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the American Lands Council, and others argue that the states would better manage the federal lands in the public interest than does the federal government. This contention raises questions about what interests and which publics are served by federal versus state public land management. Most state […]

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Facing the Challenges of Dam Removal in Alaska

Eklutna Dam Removal

By Brad Meiklejohn, Alaska State Director, The Conservation Fund The Conservation Fund has nearly completed the demolition of the long-abandoned Lower Eklutna River dam, near the Native Village of Eklutna, Alaska. The Lower Eklutna River Dam Removal Project is the most ambitious river restoration project ever attempted in Alaska. Death to Deadbeat Dams – By the […]

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Explorers Club Roundtable: “Rewilding” America

As economic patterns shift, land use is changing and human populations are abandoning vast regions of the planet. These redistributions have created space for a relatively new idea in conservation: “rewilding,” whose advocates have pushed for the active return of land once used for farming, ranching, and other human purposes to a more ‘natural,’ pre-industrial […]

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