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jack humphrey

Jack Humphrey, Director of Digital Outreach

Jack started Rewilding work as Executive Director of Sky Island Alliance in the mid-1990's, organizing the Sky Island Wildlands Network design team, ripping up illegal roads on forest service lands, installing wolf acclimatization pens on Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch & conducting howling surveys to help make way for the final stage of the Lobo reintroduction program in the Southwest. Since 2006 he's been the webmaster and digital outreach director for The Rewilding Institute.

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"Topics & ideas you won't hear elsewhere!"
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“Unlike other kinds of podcasts on environmental issues, this one covers topics and ideas you won't hear elsewhere, from veterans of the "rewilding" effort, that goes far beyond what mainstream enviro organizations talk about. This is a must listen!” ~Harold W. 

"Great way to keep up on conservation that matters!"
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"Love hearing from Dave Foreman and the gang. This is going to the top of my must-listen list!" ~Blogmarketer

"Rewilding Successes"
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"This podcast juxtaposes the reality of the world’s ever-developing state with rewilding successes around the world. We need more habitat connectivity and more of of these episodes in this world!" ~Frankie Ravs

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“I've been admiring Dave Foreman's efforts to protect wild nature for more than 30 years. Now that the wild is in such tragic retreat, we have no choice but to rewild vast areas and invite the wildness back without which humanity has no future. My rainforest and deep ecology work leaves me little time for reading which is why podcasts assume ever increasing importance as I get the latest while driving.” ~Gaia Seed

"My new favorite podcast"
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"I love that this podcast focuses on rewilding efforts big and small. In America we tend to focus on conservation efforts out West. One of my favorite podcasts so far was the one done in Ohio. You don’t have to live in California to be a conservationist; small efforts add up. I thought I knew a lot about conservation, but this podcast has already taught me a lot. Now there are more places I want to visit starting with the Ark of Appalachia!" ~Ungerling, USA

About Rewilding Earth Podcast

The goal of Rewilding Earth podcast is to highlight the work of the people involved in saving nature's building blocks, whether they be intact wilderness or key corridors and buffers surrounding wilderness, as well as people invested in protecting and reintroducing extirpated species to these areas. You'll hear from conservation biologists, activists, naturalists, organizers, artists, and authors as we interview key players in the fight to Rewild Planet Earth.

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