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The goal of Rewilding Earth podcast is to highlight the work of the people involved in saving nature's building blocks, whether they be intact wilderness or key corridors and buffers surrounding wilderness, as well as people invested in protecting and reintroducing extirpated species to these areas. You'll hear from conservation biologists, activists, naturalists, organizers, artists, and authors as we interview key players in the fight to Rewild Planet Earth.

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Rewilding Earth Podcast Playlist


Episode 20: Public Lands Grazing with George Wuerthner
George Wuerthner is a professional photographer, writer and ecologist. He has written more than two dozen books on natural history[...]
Episode 19: John Miles On The New Wilderness Bill
It's been a long time since we've had a win like the one that is expected to be signed by[...]
Episode 18: Nancy Stranahan Rewilding Southern Ohio
Topics: The fantastic biodiversity of southern Ohio Wildlands Philanthropy: protecting key areas by buying them Black bears and high population[...]
Episode 17: Mark Fisher on Rewilding Drift in Europe
A biochemist by training, Mark Fisher has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in pure science. In a change of[...]
Episode 16: Tyler Socash Adirondack Wilderness and Thru-Hiking Adventures
Tyler Socash is the Adirondack Mountain Club's Outdoor Skills Coordinator. The day after completing his master's degree at the University[...]
Episode 15: Nicole Rosmarino on Rewilding The American Serengeti
Nicole Rosmarino, Ph.D. helped found the Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) in 1998 and has served as its Executive Director[...]
Episode 14: A Rewilding Success Story on the Elwha River
It's not often, especially these days, that we get to hear about a really big Rewilding  victory. Today is one[...]
Episode 13: Camilla Fox from Project Coyote
Camilla Fox is the founder and executive director of Project Coyote, a national non-profit organization that promotes compassionate conservation and[...]
Episode 12: Paul Jepson on Rewilding in Europe
Paul Jepson is course director of Oxford University's Master in Science in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. He's also a Senior[...]
Episode 11: Vance Russell – Rewilding in North America and Europe
Vance Russell is the head of biodiversity at Ecosulis which provides a variety of services including rewilding, wildlands plans, and[...]
Episode 10: Bob Leverett On Vital Importance Of Old Growth, Carbon Sequestration, and Forest Recovery
Bob Leverett is the co-founder of the Native Tree Society, co-founder and President of Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest,[...]
Episode 9: Joan Maloof, Executive Director of Old-Growth Forest Network
Joan Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, founded the Old-Growth Forest Network to preserve, protect and promote the country's few[...]


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Rewilding Earth Podcast Host

jack humphrey

Jack started his Rewilding work as Executive Director of Sky Island Alliance in the mid-1990's, organizing the Sky Island Wildlands Network design team, ripping up illegal roads on forest service lands, installing wolf acclimatization pens & conducting howling surveys to help make way for the Lobo reintroduction program in the Southwest.

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