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Episode 122: Seeds of Hope in the Land of the Jaguar – Rejuvenating Habitat in Sonora Mexico

Randy Young Villegas, Founder and Director of La Terra del Jaguar

Note from Randy: Hi everyone thank you for listening. On the podcast I speak about not reporting possible poachers when they talk about jaguar killings. In addition to the fact that information channels would dry up if we were to report those who talk about killing jaguars, there is also the fact that actual poachers with evidence of the crimes are not prosecuted. In the death of Corazon the jaguar and the bear killed in Cumpas there was physical evidence and no charges were brought against the perpetrators. In the case of the bear in Cumpas there was video of the killing and the boasting. In that case, the people reporting it were even threatened.  I know that a conviction would help protect jaguars. But by the same logic another killing not prosecuted damages peoples belief that jaguars are protected. We are woking hard to change peoples views and relationships with jaguars and biodiversity in general. Thank you.

About Randy Young Villegas

As former manager of the Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sahuaripa, Sonora, Randy witnessed the environmental destruction from current agricultural systems that leads to jaguar persecution. Randy has experience in landscape restoration, permaculture, water harvesting, and natural building, and completed a diplomado program on agaves and mesquites to regenerate semi-arid zones through the University of Guanajuato. He has been involved in different aspects of community development and is a member of the Committee for Sustainable Rural Development for the municipality of Sahuaripa and the Sembrando Vida program for the Santo Tomás, Sehuadehuachi, and Pónida ejidos (community owned lands).

  • Working with landowners to reconnect with the land through regenerative agriculture and permaculture, natural building techniques
  • Recreating a bond with nature that provides more stable income for landowners while providing safe habitat for Jaguars to roam and live
  • Winning hearts and minds leading to a respect and even pride in helping large carnivores
  • Examples of working with nature, alternatives to monoculture farming, and creating a win-win for people and nature
Extra Credit

Visit La Tierra del Jaguar for more information and to get involved!

Download the transcript for episode 122 (PDF)


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