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Episode 109: Rewilding Anywhere At Any Scale Relies Greatly On How We Restore And Reimagine Our Urban Environments

About Chris

Chris is a practice leader with Biohabitats, leading the firm’s research and development effort called Bioworks. He is an ecological engineer with 20 years of experience in restoration and regenerative design. Combining engineering and ecological design through a biomimicry lens, he approaches every project as an opportunity to create and restore functional life support systems. Recognizing that best intentions in design and implementation are not verification of outcomes, Mr. Streb is charged with developing methods for monitoring and evaluating projects to determine whether ecological goals are being realized. Over the past decade, he has designed and developed ecological interventions to restore functional habitat along urban waterfronts. He has been awarded a patent for a floating wetland technology and was the ecological team lead on the National Aquarium Floating Wetland Prototype which earned the 2018 Honor Award for Research from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

  • Reimagining the urban landscape to attract and include wildlife
  • Design ideas to protect migratory birds and offer safe respite and food sources
  • Taking out major highways in and around cities
  • A hopeful vision for what urban landscapes could become and how they affect rewilding projects everywhere
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