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Rewilding at Many Scales: A Book Review Essay by John Miles

Dave Foreman, in his landmark 2004 book Rewilding North America: A Vision for Conservation in the 21st Century, makes a convincing case that “To make protected areas more effective, conservationists must now (1) work on very large landscapes, probably continental in scope, and (2) undertake ecological restoration based on rewilding.”[1] He advocated a science-based approach to […]

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Why States Will Not Serve the American Public as Well  as Federal Land Managers 

By John C. Miles The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the American Lands Council, and others argue that the states would better manage the federal lands in the public interest than does the federal government. This contention raises questions about what interests and which publics are served by federal versus state public land management. Most state […]

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The Attack on the National Park System, Part 1

The National Park System is very popular with the American people: it’s nearly overwhelmed with visitors, and it’s an American institution we might think the Trump administration would leave alone. We would be wrong. In its first year the administration has initiated more attacks of potentially devastating consequences for the Park System than any administration […]

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