Wildlands Defense

Most wildland defenders have a place or two in their hearts and souls that they will not relinquish without a fight.  For many folks in the Rewilding tribe, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska is such a place – where we will draw a line in the sand and say no more!  No more sacrificing wildlife for cheap oil; no more despoiling our public lands …

Other lines are being drawn in the sand, too, and Rewilding.org will highlight them.

With a hostile administration and a benighted congress in the US now, many public lands and waters from the US/Mexico border to the Beaufort Sea are threatened by harmful development.  Nor are Crown lands in Canada safe. We must redouble our defensive work, even as we promote positive visions of Rewilding North America and the world. 

Rewilding is much more than saving remnant wildlands, but that is where it must begin.  Rewilding is the most ambitious form of ecological restoration; and a basic tenet of restoration is to secure the wildlife strongholds first, then help Nature heal the degraded areas.  Restoring Wolves across the American West may indirectly depend upon gaining Wilderness protection for all of Arctic Refuge.

Please read Lines in the Sands regularly, pressure your elected officials to oppose exploitation of public wildlands, support groups defending these places, and join their peaceful actions.  Please send news of where you are drawing your lines in the sand. – editors

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