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Mapping the Border Wall in Arizona and New Mexico

In July 2021, Wildlands Network released the first publicly available map documenting the U.S.-Mexico border wall through New Mexico and Arizona. The map depicts completed sections of border wall as well as other related construction activities and is the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date documentation of new sections of border wall completed during the Trump Administration.

Border Wall in Arizona and New Mexico Map (Wildlands Network)

Click for interactive map.

In addition to the map, Wildlands Network has also released a StoryMap that highlights six priority restoration areas in Arizona and New Mexico. In New Mexico, these include sites in the Whitewater Mountains and the Carrizalillo Mountains. The priority restoration areas in Arizona include sites in the Patagonia Mountains, Pajarito Mountains, and San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge – all of which are in desperate need of immediate restoration.

Explore the StoryMap

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