​The Way of Natural History

“…Exciting new trends in natural history….. there can be no better introduction to these trends than Fleischner’s anthology….  Most of Fleischner’s contributors offer completely new insights.…”–Gary Paul Nabhan, Bloomsbury Review

 “This eclectic collection has much to offer anyone who cares about the environment, sustainability, and, yes, nature”

–Nancy Baron, SEJournal [Society of Environmental Journalists]

 “A collection of compelling essays….this book is a welcome reminder that our relationship to nature might be much better if we simply started paying some honest and accurate attention to it” – San Antonio Express-News

In The Way of Natural History, scientists, nature writers, poets, and Zen practitioners show how mindful attention to the natural world can bring rewarding and surprising discoveries. They call for a renewal of natural history and provide models for personal interactions with nature. Attention to nature, the contributors argue, is a key pathway to nurturing our humanity, and it’s more important than ever to connect with the natural world and the positive energy we can find there.

Edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner
Trinity University Press, 2011, 218 pages, authors’ bios, Paperback, $17.

Contributors:  Robert Aitken/ John Anderson/ Paul Dayton/ Alison Hawthorne Deming/ Cristina Eisenberg/ Wren Farris/ Thomas Lowe Fleischner/ Dave Foreman/ Charles Goodrich/ R. Edward Grumbine/ Jane Hirshfield/ Robin Wall Kimmerer/ Ken Lamberton/ Robert Macfarlane/ Kathleen Dean Moore/ Robert Michael Pyle/ Sarah Juniper Rabkin/ Scott Russell Sanders/ Laura Sewall/ Richard Thompson/ Stephen C. Trombulak

Best of Science short list for 2011 –Wall Street Journal

 Notable Regional Titles in 2011 – Cascadia Weekly

 ForeWord Book of the Year finalist in “Anthology” and “Nature” categories

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