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There is just one hope of repulsing the tyrannical ambition of civilization to conquer every niche on the whole earth.  That hope is the organization of spirited people who will fight for the freedom of the wilderness.

-Robert Marshall

Support Bold Vision…and Action!

Without bold vision and hope, we conservationists are rudderless in a stormy political sea.  The Rewilding Institute is committed to inspiring conservation work with vision and hope.

I am convinced that we conservationists will be more successful only if we have a positive vision to work toward, and if we are buoyed by hope.  Hope is essential. Without it, conservationists and the public we wish to convince become distraught, depressed, and without the energy and will to defend wild Nature.  Without a vision, we are merely parrying attacks, with no sense of what we are working for, and with no strategy of how to get there.

The Rewilding Institute and I are committed to doing our best to inspire conservationists and new allies with a bold, hopeful vision.  I hope you will be able to help us do exactly that.

The Rewilding Institute is largely dependent on donations from individuals.  What we do, along with our straight talk, does not appeal to most foundations. There are a few exceptions—the Weeden Foundation, EMA Foundation, and Patagonia, Inc.  Otherwise, our income comes from individuals, small family foundations, book sales, and speaking honoraria. We also have been greatly helped by in-kind donations, such as Jack Humphrey’s design of this website, Joe Adair’s design of our logo, and the volunteer work of our Fellows and friends.

The organizational philosophy of The Rewilding Institute is to stay small, lean, and focused, with minimum overhead, staff, and bureaucracy, so it can better concentrate on its priorities and on working with partners.

Because of our approach, individual contributions go a long way.  Your support of The Rewilding Institute will pay off.

We are incorporated and have 501(c)3 charitable status as North American Wilderness Recovery and do business as The Rewilding Institute.  Please contact us for our tax identification number.

–Dave Foreman

Donations to The Rewilding Institute Support…

  • Dave Foreman’s Talks

  • The Rewilding Website

  • Work on the Spine of the Continent MegaLinkage & the North American Wildlands Network

  • Defense of Large Carnivores

  • Raising Awareness of How Population Growth Wrecks Biodiversity

  • Encouraging Nature Lovers to Take Back Conservation

  • The Rewilding Think-Tank

  • Dave Foreman’s Books

  • And More

Please consider donating today!

Grizzly- $100 USD

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Jaguar – $1000 USD

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A gift of $250 or more entitles you to receive a free book from the TRI Book List. Please enter the name of the book you have chosen into the comment space provided on PayPal.

You may send a check to TRI at the address below:

The Rewilding Institute
POB 13768, Albuquerque, NM 87192, USA.

The Rewilding Institute is 501(c)3 and all donations are tax-deductible.

We wish to thank all our contributors for their generous support!

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