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Deer under Hyak Underpass, I-90, Washington (c) Conservation Northwest

Celebrate Wildlife Crossings Week!

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Featured image: Deer under Hyak Underpass, I-90, Washington © Conservation Northwest

Next week, ARC Solutions (Appalachian Regional Commission) and the National Wildlife Federation are partnering on an interactive Facebook Live series featuring conversations with leading local and global experts dedicated to the study, design and construction of wildlife crossings.  

As part of its successful P-22 Presents series, the National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars campaign will launch “Wildlife Crossing Week” – a set of live and interactive online presentations featuring over 20 leading experts in road ecology, wildlife biology, engineering, design, science and policy.

The series is being hosted in collaboration with ARC Solutions, an international partnership that facilitates new thinking, new methods, new materials and new solutions for wildlife infrastructure, which is fiscally sponsored by the Center for Large Landscape Conservation.

Conversations will be live on P-22’s Facebook Page. Highlights include an overpass in Wyoming to preserve a 6,000-year-old pronghorn migration route; an experimental research highway in northern California; a network of structures in Banff and Yoho National Parks in Canada that have been used over 200,000 times by grizzly bears, cougars, wolves, and moose; a coalition of partners including Wildlands Network and NPCA working on the I-40/Pigeon Gorge project near the Great Smoky Mountains in NC and TN, and Chris Slesar will talk about his work on safe passage for frogs and salamanders in Vermont.

Please take a look at the attached schedule, mark your calendars, and join us next week!


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