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kim crumbo

Rewilding Leadership Council Member Kim Crumbo

kim crumbo

Kim Crumbo, Wild Nature Advocate 

Kim Crumbo continues a 40-year career in Wild Nature conservation beginning with Colorado River protection in the early 1970’s. Inspired by the 1992 Wild Earth special edition, he assists an eclectic array of conservationist partners in development and implementation of the Western Wildway, including wilderness and national monument designations, and recovery of the Mexican wolf and other keystone species. His work includes active participation an ad hoc collaborative effort of local, regional, and national conservation, scientific and sportsmen’s organizations, and concerned citizens to help save the endangered Mexican gray wolf. 

Kim served 20 years with the National Park Service in Grand Canyon as the river ranger and later as Wilderness Coordinator. He worked as professional river guide for 10 years and two years as the Utah Wilderness Coordinator for the Sierra Club. 

Before his experience on rivers and in wilderness activism, he spent four years with the Navy’s SEAL Team One completing two combat deployments to Vietnam. Kim received a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Utah State University, with postgraduate work in outdoor recreation.  In 1999, Kim received the National Park Service’s “Director’s Wilderness Management and Stewardship Award.” In 1999 The Wilderness Society presented him with “Environmental Heroes Award.” In 2009, the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club awarded him “Conservationists of the Year” for his efforts to protect Arizona’s wildlife and wild places.  Kim received the Wilburforce foundation’s 2016 Conservation Leadership Award. His combat exploits earned him the Bronze Star, as chronicled in Bruce Williams-Burden’s book Luminous Base, as well as other combat-related commendations. His publications include numerous conservation articles and a book,  A River Runners Guide to the History of Grand Canyon,  with a gloriously infamous introduction by Edward Abbey. 

Off the Clock: Kim enjoys hiking and rafting the West’s wildlands. His interests include music ranging from jazz to classical to rock and roll, literature and history, art, good movies, and conversations and adventures with friends and family.

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kim crumbo

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