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11.12.18 Wolf war howls between western and eastern Washington, Carolyn Ossorio, MYNorthwest

11.12.18 Recorded a week or so before the recent large fires in CA, George Wuerthner has spoken about very predictable climate/weather conditions that are driving the recent fires.

11/11/18 The Wildlife News, “Alternatives to Wilderness?” By George Wuerthner. In recent years it has become fashionable for conservationists to substitute and promote other land classification in place of wilderness designation. Wilderness is “passé” so we are told, even though it is the “gold standard” for land protection.

11.8.18 The Wildlife News, “Buffalohorn-Porcupine – The Lamar Valley of the Gallatin Range,” by George Wuerthner. The spectacularly glaciated Gallatin Range stretches south from Bozeman into Yellowstone National Park. The 250,000-acre roadless area is the largest unprotected wildlands left in the northern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. George argues that this area should be protected as Wilderness.

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News and Alerts

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