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Speak out for wolves in Wisconsin!

Attend a virtual public listening session on February 7 for the proposed Wolf Management Plan and speak in favor of wolf protections.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (WDNR) proposed 2022 Wolf Management Plan, which will guide future wolf policy and management in the state, is currently available for public input until February 28th. As part of the public input process, the WDNR will hold a public virtual listening session on Tuesday, February 7 at 4pm (CT). Registration to provide testimony is required by noon (CT) on February 6.

Although the plan contains improvements compared to previous versions, it is far from reflecting the best available science, ethics and broad public values that should guide wolf policy and coexistence. This public listening session provides an invaluable opportunity to speak up for wolves in Wisconsin. You do not have to be a Wisconsin resident to provide input (comments from outside the state will also be considered in the official record).

Provide testimony in favor of increasing protections for wolves, requiring non-lethal conflict interventions, and banning recreational killing.

Here’s How You Can Help

1. Register for the virtual public listening session by February 6th at noon (CT) via this link.

2. Attend and provide oral comments during the listening session on February 7 at 4pm (CT) using the link provided when you registered. Registered participants will be called out in order, and each will be provided two minutes for their comments. You can find our suggested talking points here (please personalize), which includes a list of scientific studies missing from the plan.

3. Remember to submit comments through WDNR’s online comment tool by February 28. The survey will start by asking you simple questions (name, state of residency), followed by questions on what you like/dislike about the plan, a rating scale (dislike 1 – 10 like) and additional comments. You can use our suggested talking points, which are already formatted to match the online comment tool (please personalize).

  • You can also submit your feedback via email (DN********************@wi*******.gov) or mail.

Wolf Management Plan Comments
101 S. Webster Street PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921

4. Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) for your local newspaper.

  • Encourage fellow advocates to comment in favor of increasing wolf protections, requiring non-lethal conflict interventions, and banning recreational killing.
  • Use the talking points above, and see tips on LTEs here.

5. Spread the word by sharing this alert with other advocates and encouraging them to take action.

Thank you for helping Wisconsin wolves!

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1 year ago

Our magnificent wild Wolves have been killed, trapped, and snared for 100 years and it is disgusting and disgraceful and unacceptable. These iconic predators are vitally important to our ecosystem and our environments. Please put a STOP to this injustice.

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