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Episode 11: Vance Russell – Rewilding in North America and Europe

Vance Russell, Biodiversity Lead at Ecosulis

Vance Russell is the head of biodiversity at Ecosulis which provides a variety of services including rewilding, wildlands plans, and approaches to landscape-scale conservation. Vance was California Director of Programs for the National Forest Foundation where he managed forestry projects throughout the state. He was also director of Audubon California’s Landowner Stewardship Program working with farmers and ranchers throughout California. Vance is one of the founding members of the Wild Farm Alliance, which promotes agriculture that helps to protect and restore wild nature, and currently serves on the organization’s board of directors.


  • Differences and similarities between North American and European Rewilding efforts.
  • Bridging the gaps between stakeholders’ disparate views on biodiversity rewilding needs.
  • Farming then and now: how technology could help Rewilding projects.
  • The future of Rewilding globally and the need for all levels of participation: how you can get involved.


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Chris Blanchard
5 years ago

Great vision

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