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Episode 12: Paul Jepson on Rewilding in Europe

Dr Paul Jepson

Paul Jepson is course director of Oxford University‘s Master in Science in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. He’s also a Senior Research Fellow with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. He’s held Senior Research Fellowships with the Environmental Change Institute and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School. Paul is also on the supervisory board of Rewilding Europe. Through his scientific publications and work at Oxford University, he’s making an invaluable contribution to the development of rewilding as a conservation narrative in Europe and beyond.


  • Rewilding in Europe
  • Rewilding initiatives in Europe and around the world
  • Working with an array of stakeholders to broaden discourse and action around  the idea of Rewilding
  • How Rewilding experiments and initiatives can become policy

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