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Episode 24: Keith Bowers On The Front Lines Of Restoration and Rewilding

Keith Bowers, FASLA, PLA, PWS | Founder of Biohabitats

Keith Bowers, FASLA, PLA, PWS | Founder of Biohabitats

For over three decades, Keith Bowers has been at the forefront of applied ecology, land conservation and sustainable design.  Founder and president of Biohabitats, Keith has built a multidisciplinary organization focused on conservation planning, ecological restoration and regenerative design.  His work has spanned the scale from site-specific ecosystem restoration projects involving wetland, river, woodland and coastal habitat restoration to regional watershed management and species conservation planning. Keith also founded and is a partner in Ecological Restoration and Management Inc., a restoration construction company providing native revegetation, invasive species management and coastal restoration throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Keith served on the board of the Society for Ecological Restoration for more than 10 years and  on the board of the Wildlands Network for 8 years. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and is a Professional Wetland Scientist.


  • What ecological restoration/rewilding projects look like on the ground.
  • Connecting the groundwork to larger regional plans.
  • Restoration ecology
  • Myriad professional and volunteer ways to get involved in restoration/rewilding projects
  • What we know about putting ecological processes back together
  • B Corps and Benefit Corporations – a different kind of company

Extra Credit

Subscriber to Leaf Litter Quarterly, an e-publication for people interested in ecological restoration, conservation planning, and regenerative design.  Focused on a theme every quarter and interview experts, practitioners and advocates around the world.  There are many past issues that Rewilding folks may be interested in – just scroll down under Topics on the side bar.

About Biohabitats – Part of the mission of Biohabitats is to…

“Nature, and the full array of life this planet has to offer, is at the very core of what we are about. Increasingly we find ourselves living in an artificial world. A world where ecosystem processes are compromised, and biodiversity is marginalized and commoditized. Nature, in its wildest and raw form, is at the essence of what we are about. Wild nature provides the blueprint for ensuring that we know how to conserve, restore, and regenerate the full expression of biological diversity and ecosystem functions to ensure our survival. It is at the heart of our collective souls.” ~Biohabitats “Roots” section of their “Headwaters Guide to [the company’s] Beliefs, Policies, and Cultural Practices.”
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