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Episode 45: Shelby Perry on Wildlands Philanthropy In The Northeastern United States

Shelby Perry, Stewardship Director at Northeast Wilderness Trust


Shelby Perry is the Stewardship Director at Northeast Wilderness Trust, whose mission is to conserve forever-wild landscapes for nature and people.

(c) Shelby Perry

She received her master’s degree from the University of Vermont’s field naturalist program, and holds a bachelors in environmental engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

A Vermont native, she has also lived and worked in the Adirondacks, California, the Caribbean, Wyoming, and West Africa, where she served a term in the US Peace Corps. In her free time Shelby enjoys hiking far away from trails, swimming in mountain streams, and identifying mysterious plants, fungi, and slime molds.

Talking Points

  • What does a Rewilding-focused wildlands philanthropy organization do?
  • Buying and protecting key lands and allowing them to rewild largely on their own.
  • The meaning of protecting forests that won’t rewild to old growth in our lifetime.

(c) Shelby Perry

Extra Credit


(c) Shelby Perry

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3 years ago

Hi, Jack. Love the podcast! Thanks for including more eastern US rewilding efforts.

I’m not sure if you meant black bear instead of grizzly bear when you were listing off species that need to be returned to the NE US. According to most grizzly bear historic range maps, their range wasn’t anywhere close to the northeast.

I wanted to share so the podcast wouldn’t lose credibility. Thanks for your work!

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