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Episode 52: Joseph Bish On Storytelling to Change Attitudes Around Population and Conservation Issues

Joseph Bish, Director of Issue Advocacy, Population Media Center

About Joe

Joseph Bish is Director of Issue Advocacy for Population Media Center

An expert on population, family-planning, and other global sustainability issues related to PMC’s mission, Joe ensures Marketing and Communications initiatives include effective and focused advocacy messaging. Monitoring and analyzing new trends in PMC’s focus issue areas, the field of social change communications, and PMC’s operational landscape, he communicates these findings to both external and internal audiences. Joe holds a Master of Science in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing from Antioch University New England.


  • How storytelling is used to change societal norms and beliefs around conservation and population issues.
  • The lessons learned from embedding important education and messaging in entertainment programming.

Extra Credit

Reading: PMC’s analysis of the most influential drivers of ongoing global population growth

Watch: PMC’s “Theory of Change”

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