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Rewilding Leadership Council Member Susie O’Keeffe

Susie O’Keeffe

Susie O’Keeffe lives at the headwaters of the Sheepscot River in Maine where she is helping
degraded land regenerate, and creating a forage forest.  She occasionally teaches classes on rewilding and reciprocity at the College of the Atlantic,  and works on an independent project
entitled, “The Art of Reciprocity”.  

Susie holds a Master’s of Science with distinction in Environmental Management from Oxford University, England. Fluent in French, her professional experience ranges from comprehensive environmental policy to program creation and direction in the fields of local, organic agriculture and wildlife conservation. 

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Previously Susie worked with a variety of environmental organizations including the Resource Renewal Institute, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners, and Maine Farmland Trust. Her writing has appeared in Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Phylogeny, the Spoon River Poetry Review, and The Maine Review. In addition to writing poetry and teaching, Susie is an amateur photographer and gardener. Susie is on the board of the Northeast Wilderness Trust.

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